Sew A Carry-All Bag For Your Little Girl – Tutorial

Ellie Bag Pattern by Mamma Made


This bag pattern was inspired by my 2 year old daughter who loves to bring “stuff” with her wherever she goes. The children’s bags out there are either too small or too large so I decided to create one that was just right. This pattern is FREE for personal use. If you desire to make this bag and sell it, please contact me for a commercial license:




7/8 Yard Main Fabric
1/4 Yard Contrast Fabric
1/2 Yard Iron-on Interfacing
1 Magnetic Snap, Thread, Scissors, Ruler

Cut Pieces:



Main Fabric:
Main Body – (2) Panels 10” Wide and 40” Long
Bottom – (2) Circles with 3 3/4” Radius

Contrast Fabric:
Top Band – (1) Strip 4” Wide and 17” Long
Strap –  (1) Strip 4 3/4” Wide and 20” Long

Interface Bottom Circles, Top Band, and Strap


Use 1/2” Seam Allowance for all sewing.

  • With right sides together, sew Main Body Panels together on each side.


  • Serge or finish edges for a clean look. This bag is not lined so it makes it much prettier inside.


  • Press serged edges towards center back and set aside.


  • Take both interfaced circles and place them wrong sides together. Baste the 2 circles together.


  • Now we are going to gather the Main Body Panels on to our circle. If your material has a pattern, find the bottom edge which will be attached to the circle. Sew 2 lines of basting stitches around the entire bottom edge.


  • Divide your circle into 4 equal parts. You can do this easily by folding it in half one way, than the next. Place pins at these points.


  • Divide your Main Body Panel into 4 equal parts. Use your 2 sewn seam lines to help you.
  • Pin the Main Body Panel to the circle right sides together matching each of the 4 pins. Carefully gather the Main Body Panel to the circle.



  • When you are finished pinning, this is what it will look like.


  • Carefully sew your pinned edge.
  • Serge the sewn edge.


  • We are going to top-stitch the bottom circle to keep things smooth. Turn your fabric right side up and as you stitch make sure the seam underneath is pressed towards the center of the circle. We want to catch the seam in our stitching. View the picture below if this is confusing.


  • Now we are going to attach the Top Band to the top of the Main Body Panel.
  • Sew your interfaced Top Band right sides together to form a circle.


  • Divide the Top Band into 4 equal parts. Use your seam line as a guide and place your pins accordingly.


  • Run 2 basting lines on the top of your Main Body Panel.
  • Gather the Main Body Panel to the Top Band keeping right sides together.
  • Sew the Top Band and Main Body Panel together.


  • Serge the stitched seam.


  • Turn your bag right-side out and peek inside the bag. This is what it looks like.


  • This is the bag so far with the Top Band folded down.


  • Put the bag aside. Now we are going to construct the strap.
  • Fold the strap in half length-wise (right sides together) and stitch.


  • Trim the seam down. Turn the tube right side out. As you can see, I employed some child labor to do that for me.


  • Topstitch the strap top and bottom.


  • I also decided to stitch in the middle of the strap to keep it in place, but this is optional.


  • Open up the Top Band and center the ends of the Strap on each seam line.
  • Baste Strap in place.
  • Serge around the entire bottom edge of the Top Band.


  • Open your Magnetic Snap. We are now going to put one in the bag.


  • The finished band is 1 1/2”. Measure 1 1/2” up from the seam line and place a pin there. Center the back of the magnetic snap between the pin and the edge of the Top Band for cutting placement. Make sure it is lined up with center front.
  • Cut two small slices through the fabric where the lines are.


  • Put the front of the magnetic snap on the right side of the fabric, place the backing on the wrong side of the fabric, and bend the metal prongs back.


  • Repeat for the other side of the magnetic snap.
  • Fold down the Top Band making sure that the finished side is 1 1/2”. This is what your bag looks like at this point.


  • Top-stitch top and bottom of the Top Band.
  • Congratulations! You just made The Perfect Girl’s Bag!!!

But don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the people who actually own these fabulous bags!


Eleanor Grace Galloway, Age 2 1/2, “Mine Elephant Bag, Mamma!”


Esther Marie Galloway, Age 6, “These bags ROCK!”


Rosemary Elizabeth Galloway, Age 9, “I love my bag! I can fit all of my stuff in it!”




The Ellie Bag Pattern is made by Mamma Made Designs. This pattern is for personal use only. You may not sell bags made with this pattern without a license.

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  • Andrea Krauss

    Hi!! I just made this bag today for my niece. She will be 6 on Tuesday. It is so flippin’ adorable!! I found some super cute fabric and cranked it out today. My brother asked me to make her a purse and in looking online for an appropriate one they were all either too grown up or too babyish and small. Yours is perfect!! I am not a very talented sewer but I got it done! Thank you so much.

  • Andrea Krauss

    I put photos on Facebook and Flickr and credited you!! I think it would make an adorable trick or treat bag with Halloween fabric!!

  • Just love it! Also your way to explane things is very easy-to-follow. Thank you. You also use very beautiful colours to match together. I am not a “profi” in sewing but I love to do things for my grandchildren. I will follow your projects in the future.

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