Daniel Smith–Nurse, Tree, Uniform, ART!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I am going to post about my brother Daniel Smith! He has some very exciting news….


I have some very exciting news for you! Most of you know my brother Daniel Smith as the front man of Danielson (Danielson Famile) and he has been seen throughout the years in all sorts of fashions. Let me show you a couple.

Danielson Nurses

Bro. Danielson at Real Art Ways - Hartford, CN


Singing in the field behind our house

Daniel Cheeks


For Daniel, the music has always gone hand in hand with the visual arts (obviously). For his college thesis he created tangible artwork that went hand in hand with the music he performed. Along with music, Daniel has continued to create art in pretty majestic proportions. Here are a couple of pieces that became album art.

Tri Danielson

The Tri-Danielson Album Art was an enormous mosaic. I remember a bunch of us rallying to get it finished by the deadline. This thing was a monster.


Lenny Smith’s “Deep Calls To Deep” album art was an enormous wood carving. It now hangs on the wall in my Dad’s office.

For the first time EVER, Daniel has offered up some artwork for sale! You need to stay connected because I know that his collection will continue to grow. There is a range of sizes and prices which will accommodate different purses. Nothing  would be more special to give to your wonderful friend or family member than a piece of my brother’s art. These Giclee prints are made from full sized wood carvings. You can see the textured wood and details in the pictures below.

Heartburn Hotel

Heartburn Hotel Print

“It’s a giant overloaded/overworked brain”


Like A Vacuum

Like A Vacuum Print

“It’s a beat up tree but the colorful roots are happily drinking up a storm”


Get into the mood of the art. Listen to Danielson’s “Like A Vacuum” and read the lyrics below:

Listen up!
If I were a tree my branches would be broken,
but my roots would be so deep I’d be
sucking water like a vacuum,
talkin’ about living water.
Spring days were made for being bad
I ain’t got that deep physical pain thing happening.
Spring days were made for being bad.
I still got that deep physical pain thing happening.
Spring days are no longer made for being bad,
I ain’t got that deep physical pain thing happening.
(Wear + tear = prayer)
I like to laugh so hard I can’t function.
(Wear + tear = prayer)
I may appear to be silly but I laugh more than you do,
who’s laughing.
I like to laugh so hard but I still gotta function.
I can’t function…. I’m still functioning.

I don’t know if there are pictures floating around, but when Daniel first had us perform this song we were wearing “feelers” on our heads.



Click and BUY on links below. I feel no shame plugging my brother!

Heartburn Hotel Print

Like A Vacuum Print

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THANK YOU for Galaxy Art

Our week of Thankfulness continues and so I continue to think of Glen Galaxy and his awesome worship album, THANK YOU. For those of you who would like to know this, there are FREE LEAD SHEETS available so that you can play and sing along.

Lead Sheets

A perfect time to have these lead sheets  would be on that EXTREMELY unusual occasion when you are tired and grumpy. This really never happens to me as you all know I am so happy and cheerful ALL OF THE TIME. It also never really happens that my husband Jon would physically take down my guitar and make me go outside to worship and get my attitude adjusted. He doesn’t really do that on a regular basis AT ALL.

Jon Scolds

We all know that this is simply an example that you might experience in your own home and in those instances it would be nice to have those “Thank You” lead sheets!


Today I’m also going to share with you some really interesting things about Glen Galaxy that you may not know. We all know that he is a musical genius, but did you know that he is also extremely passionate about creating art?

Glen Art

Glen likes to collect interesting pictures. He is constantly on the lookout for this media of inspiration which goes into a box until it is time for it to be transformed…or boxes; many many boxes as Cathleen his wife would say.

Art B

Glen Art D

From these snippets of inspiration come amazing unique pieces of art. Here is just a small collection I will share with you today.


Glen Art B





Emotional Oil cover Art 

This is a man who has a plethora of talents! To see more of Glen Galaxy’s amazing pieces of art, go and visit his FLICKR SITE


Here is Octagrape playing “Eternal Hair”

Octagrape and Jad Fair live at Craftlab Gallery

Links To Click On!

Glen Galaxy’s Thank You
Soul Junk
Great Comfort Records
Sounds Familyre Records

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Monday Musings

This is the week to be thankful for all things. In the spirit of thankfulness I’m going to write about my brother-in-law Glen Galloway, aka:

Glen Galaxy

Many of you may know Glen from his various bands of the past and present such as: Trumans Water, Soul Junk, and now Octagrape.


Glen is one of the busiest people I know; lately he has been on a couple tours back to back with Octagrape. The one constant that you need to know about Glen is that wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he is a worshipper. He knows who he is in relationship with his Father. I was honored to have him at the Awake My Lyre Worship Conference in Philadelphia where he sang and shared his heart of the Father with us. Glen is the perfect example of living and moving in the creative freedom in which God created him. I look at my brother Glen and am so inspired by him. He creates and creates and creates and creates with no apologies and no expectations.

Glen Galloway

So today I share with you the MOST AMAZING worship album out there today. It is entitled, “THANK YOU.”

Thank You 

This album will make your heart and spirit sing like it never has before. Glen lets you peek into his raw and real relationship with Father. The lyrics will powerfully transport you and move you in the spirit. It’s amazing to listen to music that literally strips you down to your sonship.


I first met Glen in 1997 on the Soul Junk/Danielson tour.

Danielson_Soul Junk Tour

As you can see in this picture, we are all pretty young. “Tour” was by no means a glamorous experience and the prospect of a shower was simply heaven. Us Smith kids were well trained by Marian and we were prepared to sleep on floors with a pad, sleeping bag, pillow, and of course a sheet so you didn’t get sweaty from the sleeping bag. But, I digress.

I will never forget the morning after sleeping on a floor of the most disgusting house in the world (which was occupied by girls). Megan and I played a game called, “If you touch anything, you die!” We all opted not to take showers in the morning which is unheard of after playing and sweating on stage the night before. Anyways, Daniel was working on his tangled bedhead and Glen told him he shouldn’t fight the hairstyle that the Lord gave him for the day. We had a lot of fun and made each other laugh a lot.

Enjoy this video of Glen singing, “Living Water.” Spread the Great Comfort and pick up THANK YOU.



Important Links to Click on:

Great Comfort Records
Glen Galaxy
Soul Junk
Sounds Familyre Records

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Thursday Thoughts

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When I was a teenager my dad Lenny Smith asked my sister Megan and I if we wanted to make some extra money and help him on a construction site job. We both agreed and all day we had to drag roof shingles with large nails in them and throw them into an enormous trash receptor. Hour after hour, we drug these heavy black shingles and the pile never seemed to end. My father stood on top of the roof with a couple of other men and the shingles continued to pour down.


Megan and I struggled but were determined to finish out the day. She continued on working with him over the years along with Daniel, David, and Andrew, but that day under the hot sun was my first and my last. There was no amount of money that could tempt me to get back in there to do that gruesome work.

Dad digs out foundation for addition.
Here my dad digs out a hole for the foundation of our house addition. My mom was getting a new kitchen.

Working on plumbing in Harrisburg.

Dad and Daniel Studio
Daniel and Dad working on the Sounds Familyre Studio

I tell this story because my dad Lenny Smith is an artist—a singer, songwriter, worshipper who also needed to provide for his wife and five children. Every man and woman struggles with balancing their passions, gifts, and desires with the practicality of life. Often we think that if we aren’t working in our passions full time than maybe we aren’t quite a success. But that is a lie that our mind tells us. We are successful when we simply DO regardless of man’s praise or scorn for our work.

Lenny Smith Album Cover

Lenny Smith has written songs to the Creator since his youth. Now in his 70’s I see his plethora of work before him…not simply the hundreds of songs he has written, some more successful in the eyes of man than others, but the work of his hands, providing for his wife and children. His love, provision, music, words, encouragement is the fruit of the beauty of the Holy Spirit within him. This is what is powerful in an artist, not the “mainstream success” of a song. Knowing how to do what you need to do in the style with which you are inspired is an admirable attribute. Lenny has never tried to be anyone but himself. He could never be anyone but himself.

I encourage all of you artists out there to be who you are. Why is it that musicians in particular are so insecure about their work? About being who they are and expressing what they love and what comes easy to them? I never care about sharing a design I’ve created and could care less about any opinions against it, but music….it comes from your soul. It is a deep part of yourself in all of its raw beauty.

Who Was And Is And Is To Come

Come and enjoy the raw beauty of Lenny’s “Who Was And Is And Is To Come.” All of his five children have come together to support him in this beautiful expression of his heart with Daniel Smith of Sounds Familyre mixing the different voices and instruments into a masterful yet simplistic composition.



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Monday Musings–Lenny Smith

Today I am so excited to talk about my dad, Lenny Smith. Maybe you think that I shouldn’t be writing about him because I am so close, but that is exactly why I SHOULD be. I have spent 24 years under the roof of this man and as his daughter I have experience and insight like none other.

We all have memories from our childhood pop up in our minds and some are more vivid than others. I have memories of my mother cooking dinner every night in the kitchen and stitching her embroidery pieces in the evening. I also remember that it was not an unusual occurrence for my father to lay his head down on the kitchen table and fall asleep as we ate after a long day working construction. It’s funny some of the things that still permeate your memory from childhood.

Dad_3 Dad_4

Another constant was seeing my father play his guitar and sing to the Lord. We didn’t think anything of it–it was just part of our daily living. We would play our games, read our books, do our homework, come and go, and there he was–singing. When I got older and started playing guitar and worshipping myself in my home with my children around me, it was so natural because after all, isn’t this what everyone does?


I could throw out some cool things like, “My Dad wrote “Our God Reigns” and it was the Pope’s favorite song.” or “My Dad has led worship and spoken in congregations of every denomination all over.” The truth is that those things are nice and encouraging, but the real truth is even more stripped down.

My Dad is the real deal. He embraces the creativity and the music that the Lord has put within him. He writes music and moves forward everyday. He plays and he sings all the time–not because he has to, but because he NEEDS to. He doesn’t do it for people and no one is watching…or at least it seemed like it. But here we are today and I guess I was watching.

Who Was And Is And Is To Come 
Check out Lenny’s latest album, “Who Was And Is And Is To Come” and experience for yourself the joyful creative worship of a man who bares himself to the world.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some beautiful comments from Sally Morgenthaler:

“Both sound and lyrics are pure, hopeful, real, unfettered.  Your roots in 60s folk are unmistakable. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger.  Never thought I’d hear that brought to worship.”


Here is Daniel Smith’s artwork for Lenny’s “Deep Calls To Deep” album and if you look closely enough my dad is literally shown as baring himself and his heart to the world.

Stay posted as his next album is currently being worked on in the Sounds Familyre Studio right now! It truly is a joyful noise to behold.

When I grow up I want to be just like my dad!



Important Links To Explore:

Great Comfort Records
Lenny Smith: Who Was And Is And Is To Come
Lenny Smith: Deep Calls To Deep

Sounds Familyre Records

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Seriously Mary, What’s with the Spiders?


Into the Mind of the Artist – Mary Brewer of “Frog in the Reeds”

Welcome back to yet another amazingly informative post about Great Comfort Records newest artist, Mary Brewer of “Frog in the Reeds.”  If you missed our first post on Mary and “digging into her mind,” you might want to go back and freshen up HERE.

I’m sure everyone is as curious as I am about the title of her new album,  “Walking Tour of Spiders in the Woods.”

What is that all about Mary Brewer?

Some people love the obscurity of art and prefer to make their own interpretations. That’s all fine and well if you are one of THOSE people but you are going to want to stop reading now.

I am determined to debunk this mystery myself. Personally, I want to know all the nitty gritty details behind that crazy spider up there. Since these posts are opening up our artists more than ever before (and I’m in charge here), let’s see what Mary herself has to say about the spider. So, grab a cup of joe and settle in (or green tea, if you like).


“Hello, Mary Brewer.”


“Why, hello Rachel.”

“I see you are busy recording there in the Sounds Familyre Studio, but I was wondering if you could give us a moment of your time. You see, we have a serious question for you.”

“Oh, sure Rachel. Anything for you. Daniel doesn’t want me to keep him waiting too long though. He just ran up to the house to get some delicious jasmine pearls green tea.”

“I understand.”

“So, what’s this important question you have to ask?”

“Mary, seriously what is the deal with the spiders???!!!???”

“What do you mean? What’s wrong with spiders?” She shifts and a paper crinkles behind her.

“Mary, what is that paper you have in your hand?” I ask grabbing for it.


“Oh, nothing,” she said grabbing it back. “I was just doodling while I was waiting around in the mixing room. I think I might give this to Andrew or Josh. We’ll see which one does a better job.”

“Yeah, good call. Make them work for it.”

“Rachel….uh oh. Daniel’s back with his green tea and he’s giving me a stern look. I think he wants me to get back to work.” Mary starts twisting her doodle drawing.

“Can’t you tell him it’s his sister? Seriously!”

“I’m going to have to tell you about the Spiders later. I’m so sorry Rachel. Bye!”

Andrew, Josh, and Daniel in the Sounds Familyre Studio during the recording of “Walking Tour…”

Oh man! Well folks, you are going to have to hear it from Mary herself! Click on her album right under my name! Don’t keep Daniel waiting!!!



(P.S. That couch Andrew is sitting on lived in my parents house first. After it was kicked out of our house it ended up in the “mixing room.” It has a board underneath the cushions so you don’t sink down. Also, I think Elin sewed those pillows to spruce it up a bit.)

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Into the Mind of the Artist–Mary Brewer

Hello! My name is Rachel and some of you may know me from the band, Danielson.


I am so excited to share with you a new Great Comfort Series, “Into the Mind of the Artist.” I am going to take you on a journey and share with you some “behind the scenes” moments that hopefully will intrigue you and bring greater depth and insight to the music.

Rachel and Mary

Today, I am introducing my friend Mary Brewer of “Frog in the Reeds.” She is an amazing artist as well as songwriter/musician. I met Mary years ago when I was in the midst of Mamma Made Designs. We connected and started working together creating children’s clothing designs as well as designing fabric. 

Elephant Dress Pattern

Here are a couple of funny facts that Mary and I laugh about together:
1. My oldest brother is Daniel Christopher. Her oldest brother is Christopher Daniel. They are both artists and musicians. They also both married Norwegian women.
2. As young men, both of our fathers were in the seminary and got philosophy degrees.
3. As young women, both of our mothers were in the convent.
4. Mary’s Dad’s name is David Andrew. I have a brother named David and a brother named Andrew.
4. We both love Danielson.

See? We had much to connect over! Here’s a funny little side story: Last year when Danielson went on tour, Jason (Mary’s amazing husband) learned all the “People’s Partay” parts on trumpet and joined the band on stage. Mary created an amazing “fruit hat” and led the conga line around the bar. This is just the kind of person she is!

Mary and her Fruit Hat


The fruit hat story continues. We went to visit that summer and my daughter Esther tried on Mary’s hat. A picture was taken and inspiration struck once again. You have to go and check out this awesome journey of picture to painting.


Mary’s journey into music simply extended from her art–yet another form of creative expression. Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of who won’t judge you when it’s really rough and in process–someone who can see the initial seed of creativity and the potential that is there. Mary is my person and I am hers. We bounce off ideas and listen to each others in all of the rough and ugly beauty there is. 

It’s funny how musicians can be so critical of each other and even more critical of themselves. That’s not really funny, but it’s something I’ve noticed. What is that difference of showing off a drawing, painting, sewing creation, and sharing music that you’ve written? There shouldn’t be a difference in my mind as it is all flowing from your creativity as an individual, but it is definitely there. But, I digress.

So, over the past two years, Mary has been on her journey finding her own voice, her own sound, writing, experimenting, succeeding, failing, moving forward one day at a time. When I told her to make an album, she wasn’t sure she could do it. 

“Why not?” I say. “Everyone else does.”

Mary singing on the porch in Butler, PA
Mary sits on her porch in Butler, PA writing and practicing her music.

Mary's Music Room
Mary’s music room.

Look for our next “Into the Mind of the Artist” post! In the mean time, start to get to know Mary more through her BLOG and her MUSIC

Next time I will tell you how she came up with the title for her newly released album,
“Walking Tour of Spiders in the Woods.”  Go to Great Comfort Records and listen to one of Mary’s songs from her new album! REFUGE



Links pertaining to this post:

Christopher Daniel’s The Art Inside
Royal Forest
Walking Tour of Spiders in the Woods
Christopher Daniel’s The Art Inside
Mamma Made Designs

Twitter Feeds You Should Follow:


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A Moment of Mommy Pride

Once and awhile I have to dust off this old blog and share a moment of motherly pride. Today is one of those moments. This is my daughter Esther; she is 9 years old and completing the 4th grade.


Esther decided she wanted to sew a summer dress for our yearly East Coast family summer vacation. She picked out the pattern, the main fabric, and the contrasting fabric for her dress. With little to no help from me, she laid out her patterns, cut, and sewed the entire dress by herself. It looks fantastic and she is so very proud. My determined little girl completed this dress in 2 days!!!!

IMG_7162 IMG_7165 IMG_7167

I have to say, she must have some of her Grandma’s blood in her for sure! And come to think of is, she does have a Tante Maggie streak of red hair in the back of her head. Anyone who knows my sister Megan knows she is extremely talented. Ask her about the deer skin coat she sewed for someone from raw deer skin!!! I would never tackle such a feat.

It’s been some time since my sewing machines have been whirring away, but when the creative juices strike, the machines come out and the house blows up! All of you sewers out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank God for vacuum cleaners.


Happy Spring everyone!

Love, Rachel

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Awake My Lyre


What the heck was “Awake My Lyre?”

We dubbed it as a “conference” because the teaching went hand-in-hand with the worship from each of the three speakers. Others inside my circle didn’t care for the term “conference” and preferred “festival,” but it wasn’t quite that either. The word “festival” has it’s own plethora of connotations. It wasn’t just a bunch of bands playing music for an audience.

I have decided (and Mary agrees) that Awake My Lyre is it’s own entity. It is neither conference nor festival and from now on will simply stand on its own accord. It is a place where you can go to learn, worship, and be ignited as a person in life and in the Lord.

I have to confess that I was blown away with what transpired over the weekend. I had no idea the combination of Chris Falson, Lenny Smith, and Glen Galloway would be as perfect a combination as it was for truly celebrating the diversity of worship that the Lord has placed within us. When I initially thought of the open-mic worship night, I thought it would either be really amazing or a complete flop. I was leaning towards “complete flop.” It was so incredible to hear the diverse sounds and flavors of everyone who participated and we all came together singing, dancing, and worshipping as one regardless of whether we cared for the individual style or not. It was so refreshing to be in such a non-judgmental zone to simply enjoy the presence of the Lord in the absolute NOW.

I keep hearing stories even now of how people were changed from just a short weekend. New songs are flowing forth from people insisting they don’t do that, people who used to worship on a regular basis but grew tired from the demands of life are now singing a new song once again, people are re-adjusted and inspired to live and create in a new way, people are freed and healed from past hurts of which they just couldn’t let go. I can’t wait to keep hearing the stories and I hope they continue on and on and on.

I am so inspired. As I looked around me at the incredibly diverse group of individuals and how they started to truly believe that who they are and how they were created was not only okay, but ON PURPOSE, the sense of freedom was overwhelming.

I am working on getting the video and audio available, but at this exact moment I know I need to rest and simply be. I confessed to Chris F. today, however, in an email that my mind keeps wandering and thinking of what could happen next with art, sculpture, sewing, poetry, wine and cheese social time, a song-writing workshop….the list goes on. And, boy, do I love Philadelphia!

I love hearing all the stories, so keep passing them on!!! I’m going to commit to finishing up my album and then….well, we’ll just have to see what happens next, won’t we?




Here are a couple links you could read about the Awake weekend:

I Must Have Been Dreaming by Chris Falson

My Lyre is AWAKENED! by Lizzie Lou


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Awake My Lyre Worship Conference Oct.5-6 – REGISTER NOW!

Awake My Lyre

I haven’t written a post in quite some time and now it’s time. As you most likely already know (since you clicked on this link) there is an upcoming worship conference in Philadelphia (October 5th and 6th) called, “Awake My Lyre.” If you register by September 15th, you will receive the Early Bird Discount! THIS IS AN EVENT FOR EVERYONE, NOT JUST WORSHIP LEADERS!

Now, I know that there are an awful lot of events posted on FB and like most people, I glance at it and say to myself, “Oh, that looks cool. Maybe next year because I’m super busy right now.” I think that maybe, just maybe, you have no idea that your life will be changed.

Maybe that’s not the problem. Maybe you do.

You do recognize that your life is going to change and you don’t want it to. You are fine with waking up every morning and feeling that feeling  of needing to just get through your day and survive so that you can come home and relax with your wine and TV. After all, you deserve it. Now, I don’t have a problem with relaxing, wine, or TV at all (in fact, those who know me know I enjoy a glass of red). I’m trying to dig at the joylessness of life that so many of us get trapped in. We feel the monotony of life and sadness in our spirits and think this is all there is to life so grin and bear it.

grin tgif1


All of the above is a lie. We don’t have to grin and bear it. We don’t have to wake up and groan that a new day is here. We don’t have to count the days until the weekend only to find ourselves at Monday again. This cycle will never end when our mind is stuck. And our minds are STUCK.

I’m going to tell you something that may shock you. Maybe not.


What? What do you mean? I don’t sing, I don’t like to clap, and I really don’t like worship music.



A butterfly can wish that it is a tiger all it wants, but it will never be something it isn’t.  It will always be a butterfly. You will never be something that you are not. You are and always will be a worshipper whether you admit it or not. Why do we struggle so much with claiming our identity? Not just claiming our identity, but living our identity. For being a worshipper is our identity and everything else that you DO (relationships, kids, work, hobbies, relaxing) simply flows from that. Does that surprise you? If when someone asks you, “Who are you?” the first answer that comes to your mind is what you do, “I work in computers,” “I am a Mom,” “I’m a student,” “I’m a lawyer,” then maybe that statement is surprising. That list is a list of what you do, but not in the least who you are. Sorry. But, I’m not really sorry.

“Does being a worshipper mean I need to lead worship, play an instrument, clap on beat? I have a hard time even going to church.” No, no, no. Being a worshipper means that you are created with an emptiness inside that can only and will only be filled by worship and relationship with your Father. That’s how you are made. That is why we look for anything and everything to fill this aching hole we have inside. When we are quiet and honest with ourselves we can admit that we have a gaping emptiness inside. Of course, we can only admit that in secret, not out loud to the world because then we are admitting that we are weak and don’t have everything figured out. 

We work so hard and try with all of our human might to fill in this hole with (fill in the blank here) but no matter how hard we work and strive to fill up this hole, it will always be empty. Always empty. Empty.

So, now you quietly admit that you are a worshipper.  This must means that you are happy and the empty hole is always filled and you feel amazing all the time. Nope, sorry.


Now that the butterfly recognizes it’s identity that it is who it is, it needs to stop trying to eat meat like the tiger does. It needs to go to the flower and drink the nectar to be filled. That butterfly needs to fly and drink everyday and be in relation with the flowers that it feeds from.

Where do you go from here? YOU COME TO THE CONFERENCE! Stop making excuses and decide that TODAY is the day with a capital T that you are going to be who you ARE(Danielson Lyrics for “The Lord’s Rest”)

I don’t know all the ins and outs of what will happen Friday night and Saturday. I do know that you are welcome whoever you are to come and have your mind and eyes adjusted. Don’t you want to start living? Don’t you want to be encouraged and continue to live in the fullness of who you are? I see the list of excuses running through your mind, but none of them matter. YOU are the one who truly matters—why aren’t you taking care of YOU?

I don’t want to hear any of you say, “Well, I’ll pray about it.” We all have the freedom to make choices to do what we want. You are allowed to just choose to do this and experience this NOW.

Let me tell you about the guests:

My Dad, Lenny Smith


My dad, Lenny Smith has been singing and worshipping all my life. You may or may not remember his worship song, “Our God Reigns” that at one point was the Pope’s favorite worship song. He has led worship and song in every denominational church—his heart and his song are only for the Lord. He is raw, he is honest, and he is real. Lenny is Lenny and he  sings Lenny’s song! His newest album will be available at the conference and believe me, you won’t want to miss it (and not just because I’m singing on it!)

Chris Falson, awesome guy


When looking for a third speaker, I tossed around a bunch of names. I was on the phone talking to my Mom and she said, “If you don’t have Chris Falson at this thing, you shouldn’t even bother!” Strong words I know, but Chris is a man who will touch your spirit like none other. He has a plethora of impressive credentials and you would know him as the one who wrote, “I See the Lord,” but at the end of the day, he is a man who hears from the Lord. His song will reach you in a new way and I can’t tell you what is up his sleeve, but believe me, it’s going to be good!!!!

Glen Galloway, brother-in-law extraordinaire


For those of you who are familiar with my brother-in-law Glen’s music (SOUL JUNK), you will know that he is as real as real gets. Rocking the joyful noise of the Lord in all venues (bars, festivals, and churches) for over a decade, he is a worshipper that owns who he is. His latest worship album, “Thank You,” is one of the most powerful works I have ever heard. It’s that good. Glen brings all that he is to the table and you will be so encouraged in who you are.

All of these speakers/worship leaders bring something completely different to the table. You need to know that YOU are different too and instead of feeling like you need to fit into someone’s box, you need to know that you are your own box. Come and join us at this very special event. It’s really an eventful thing to have all three of these guys together under one roof. It’s never happened before.


On Saturday night there will be an open-mic worship night, so submit your song asap so we can all worship together and celebrate all of our unique differences! There are limited seats for this intimate time together, so make sure that you get yours now!

I cannot wait to see you there.



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