A Moment of Mommy Pride

Once and awhile I have to dust off this old blog and share a moment of motherly pride. Today is one of those moments. This is my daughter Esther; she is 9 years old and completing the 4th grade.


Esther decided she wanted to sew a summer dress for our yearly East Coast family summer vacation. She picked out the pattern, the main fabric, and the contrasting fabric for her dress. With little to no help from me, she laid out her patterns, cut, and sewed the entire dress by herself. It looks fantastic and she is so very proud. My determined little girl completed this dress in 2 days!!!!

IMG_7162 IMG_7165 IMG_7167

I have to say, she must have some of her Grandma’s blood in her for sure! And come to think of is, she does have a Tante Maggie streak of red hair in the back of her head. Anyone who knows my sister Megan knows she is extremely talented. Ask her about the deer skin coat she sewed for someone from raw deer skin!!! I would never tackle such a feat.

It’s been some time since my sewing machines have been whirring away, but when the creative juices strike, the machines come out and the house blows up! All of you sewers out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank God for vacuum cleaners.


Happy Spring everyone!

Love, Rachel

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  • Parker Lindstrom

    GREAT JOB ESTHER!! Wow Rachel you have made a great working and learning space.

  • That is just amazing! I remember being in a club called “Needle & Pin” when I was her age, but I probably would’ve not dared to have anything to do with raw deer skin! Eeek.