Daniel Smith–Nurse, Tree, Uniform, ART!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I am going to post about my brother Daniel Smith! He has some very exciting news….


I have some very exciting news for you! Most of you know my brother Daniel Smith as the front man of Danielson (Danielson Famile) and he has been seen throughout the years in all sorts of fashions. Let me show you a couple.

Danielson Nurses

Bro. Danielson at Real Art Ways - Hartford, CN


Singing in the field behind our house

Daniel Cheeks


For Daniel, the music has always gone hand in hand with the visual arts (obviously). For his college thesis he created tangible artwork that went hand in hand with the music he performed. Along with music, Daniel has continued to create art in pretty majestic proportions. Here are a couple of pieces that became album art.

Tri Danielson

The Tri-Danielson Album Art was an enormous mosaic. I remember a bunch of us rallying to get it finished by the deadline. This thing was a monster.


Lenny Smith’s “Deep Calls To Deep” album art was an enormous wood carving. It now hangs on the wall in my Dad’s office.

For the first time EVER, Daniel has offered up some artwork for sale! You need to stay connected because I know that his collection will continue to grow. There is a range of sizes and prices which will accommodate different purses. Nothing  would be more special to give to your wonderful friend or family member than a piece of my brother’s art. These Giclee prints are made from full sized wood carvings. You can see the textured wood and details in the pictures below.

Heartburn Hotel

Heartburn Hotel Print

“It’s a giant overloaded/overworked brain”


Like A Vacuum

Like A Vacuum Print

“It’s a beat up tree but the colorful roots are happily drinking up a storm”


Get into the mood of the art. Listen to Danielson’s “Like A Vacuum” and read the lyrics below:

Listen up!
If I were a tree my branches would be broken,
but my roots would be so deep I’d be
sucking water like a vacuum,
talkin’ about living water.
Spring days were made for being bad
I ain’t got that deep physical pain thing happening.
Spring days were made for being bad.
I still got that deep physical pain thing happening.
Spring days are no longer made for being bad,
I ain’t got that deep physical pain thing happening.
(Wear + tear = prayer)
I like to laugh so hard I can’t function.
(Wear + tear = prayer)
I may appear to be silly but I laugh more than you do,
who’s laughing.
I like to laugh so hard but I still gotta function.
I can’t function…. I’m still functioning.

I don’t know if there are pictures floating around, but when Daniel first had us perform this song we were wearing “feelers” on our heads.



Click and BUY on links below. I feel no shame plugging my brother!

Heartburn Hotel Print

Like A Vacuum Print

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